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About Us

Our founders, Damon Tilbe and Dan Vahl, along with their tint team have been successful in the Window Film industry for over 20 years.

Your time is valuable.

20 years ago, film was applied by unrolling the roll of film across each window and use a skilled artistic technician to trace a pattern from the actual glass. As you can probably imagine, this was quite time consuming. Your time expectation was to drop the car off for a full day. Since then, most companies have advanced to a digital cutting plotter and computer cut software that allows us to cut any vehicle window ever made precisely to the manufacturer specifications within 3-5 minutes.

Despite this huge improvement in cutting efficiency, most window tint installers in the area still have you waiting a full day for an installation process that doesn't take more than an hour.

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Who we are

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Damon Tilbe

Damon Tilbe handles the sales and marketing portion of Upstate Tint Pros. He has had a successful track record in operating and growing small businesses since his tour in the United States Army ended in 1998. He has a knack for balancing customer, business, and employee needs to produce an exceptional sales experience.

Dan Vahl

Dan Vahl has been a professional window film installer since 2005. After 11 years as a head installer, he opened his own mobile tint service in 2016. This progression led him to the constant consumer request of opening a brick and mortar location. His experience as an installer and a business owner is the backbone of our operations.

Rick Herrick
Lead Installer

Rick Herrick has been a professional window film and paint protection film installer since 2000. Rick's knowledge of the product, how it adheres to the vehicle, and his ability to train new employees is 2nd to none in this business.